The Taxman vs. Floyd Mayweather: FIGHT!

Floyd Mayweather clings tenaciously to his undefeated boxing record, he's punching his ways to the top and trains hard to keep his title. Unfortunately for him, outside of the ring The Taxman has already knocked him cold not once, but twice. Will he ever defeat the Taxman?

In both 2004 and 2008, the IRS placed liens on Mayweather's property has insurance for his unpaid taxes. He has an upcoming trial but it looks like he's more focused on his match with Manny Pacquiao than his match with the IRS. According to the 'Mayweather Insider' David Mayo, the financial impact of fighting twice in one year is heavily on the mind of "Money May":

"Why make that money in the same year he already made $40 million for Mosley, when he could put it off until next May and a new tax year? Don't think for one second that this is a minor consideration. Think of it as deferred compensation." Mayo, Grand Rapids Press

In 2004, the IRS put a $3.1 million dollar lien on Floyd's property and in 2008 the IRS put a $6.1 million dollar lien on Floyd's property. It was this latter lien that brought Floyd Jr out of retirement. He was on the verge of serious tax problems that could have led to severe consequences. According to the LA Times, Floyd Jr paid off the IRS's 2008 liens with a significant portion of his purse from the Juan Manuel Marquez fight.

Sports reporter Rick Rockwell and I pose this question:

So, who do you readers think Floyd Mayweather Jr is more scared of 'Pacman' or the 'Taxman'?