It's Independence Day- But Do You Feel Independent?

Do you feel independent when the Tea-Baggers ask the government “to get off their backs” instead of asking government “to get on the case” and make laws and regulations to control free-trade, which is definitely not free of corruption, and outright “Wall Street-style stealing” in countless ways from the US taxpayer.

Do you feel independent when you’re government will be spending $3 trillion dollars next year, with 53 cents of every dollar for defense, leaving 47 cents per dollar for everything else?

Do you feel independent when the national debt is $12.5 trillion? Or do you feel owned by China and other creditors?

These questions and more are posed by Jerry Mazza of "The Online Journal" in a piece that makes you think. Do You Feel Independent on Independence Day?

I'm not trying to spoil the mood of this Holiday, but I like how this articles makes you pause and think. We should celebrate on Independence day, but we should also reflect and think about what we can improve.