Escort Service Manger Serves Jail Time for Tax Evasion

Yesterday I wrote about The Runner up for the Strangest Tax Form. It was Tax Form TC-63 Sexually explicit Business and Escort Service Tax Return Coupon. And it's oddly appropriate for today's post. A Salt Lake City escort service Manager was recently sentence to 36 months in federal prison for failing to pay income taxes.

Jodi Hoskins, the escort service manager, was ordered to pay $736,183 in restitution when she was found guilty on tax evasion. She was a business manager at Companions, a call-out escort service owned by she and her former husband, Roy B. Hoskins.

The two escort service managers underreported a whopping $1.2 million in 2002, cheating the IRS out of $486,443. Main business owner Roy B. Hoskins was already sentenced to 60 months in prison when he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and it looks like his former wife may follow in his footsteps.

Bottom Line: Pay your taxes or it could be straight to jail. Do not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200!