Chris Tucker Owes the IRS 11 Million- More Celebrity Tax Woes

In July of 2009 Rush Hour start Chris Tucker owed the state of California over $3 Million. Now his Tax Debt is back in the spotlight, he owes the IRS more than $11 Million in back taxes!

Chris Tucker’s lofty $11,571,909.26 was revealed when the Internal Revenue Service filed documents with the L.A. Country Recorder’s Office yesterday. These back taxes are from 2001, 2002, and 2004-2006.

Chris Tucker's $11 Million Tax Debt Breakdown (Per The Notice of Federal Tax Lien provided by TMZ):

2001- $4,007,794.34
2002- $5,060,074.23
2004- $55,544.84
2005- $660,414.94
2006- $1, 788, 080.91

Earn Big- Pay the Tax Man Big Bucks

Chris Tucker earned $20 Million for “Rush Hour 2” and $25 Million for “Rush Hour 3”. With the million she’s earned over the years you’d think he could take care of something like a simple tax bill. There’s no word from any of Chris Tucker’s reps on the tax situation.