Celebrity Tax Debts- Robert Lowe and Wes Bentley Owe the Tax Man

Robert Lowe is the newest celebrity to owe the IRS. Both he and his wife Sheryl Berkoff had a $269,965 Tax Lien filed against them.

Rob’s publicist Alan Nierob said this about Rob Lowe's recent Tax Lien:

“I checked with my client and he knows nothing whatsoever about this and has not been contacted by anyone in reference to this matter.”

Best known as a Brat Pack alumni, this guy needs to get  with the program and take care of his tax debt ASAP.

Lesser-known actor Wes Bentley (best known as the weird kid in American Beauty) owes the as much as $204,000 in delinquent federal taxes.

As we all know, ignorance of the Tax Debt is so no excuse, and he will be expected to pay the full amount he owes the IRS. This is yet another example that proves the importance of carefully reviewing the background of any accountant you hire. Mistakes like this shouldn't slip by unnoticed. Paying your taxes is a #1 all important financial obligation.