Man Threatens IRS Office with a "Bomb Bag"

Lawrence Rios was recently charged in Federal Court with threatening an Internal Revenue Service employee in Sane Jose, California by handing her a note that read, "Bomb Bag". Not the brightest crayon in the box, this guy.

According the authorities and court records, Lawrence Rios patted and gestured at his backpack during a visit to the IRS office at 55 South Mark St. in downtown Sane Jose.

IRS employee Dora Acuna who had been helping Rios for about 10 minutes  when he freaked out and passed here his threatening "Bomb Bag" note. Acuna hit a panic alarm and the IRS criminal investigation special agents evacuated the IRS building and detained Rios. No bomb was found.

Lesson Learned: It's a bad idea to threaten the IRS, how did this guy think he was going to get away with it. From terrorist plane attacks to dramatic home bulldozing and now bomb threats, it's clear that IRS sentiment is at an all time low. More reasons I'm glad I switch sides to work with the good guys.