IRS Hitman Premiere at 5 Points Theatre, June 6, 2010! Let's Ride!

In this bleak economic climate thousands are in debt. Financially speaking, there's only one thing worse than your average debt- and that's a debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service. No one wants to go there; no one has the authority to ruin your life more than the IRS.

The IRS can seize funds straight from your bank account and your paychecks. Nothing is safe when you owe the IRS. I've talked with countless taxpayers over the years, listening to their tax problems intently and helping them along the way. The singular emotion which grips every person that receives a letter or call from the IRS is fear.

This Sunday afternoon, June 6, 2010 at 4:30Pm EST, there is a new hope on the Horizon for those in trouble with the IRS. His name is "The IRS Hitman". If you're in Jacksonville, Florida, come out and see the IRS Hitman Premiere at the 5 Points Theatre.

No cost to attend- The Premiere is Free!

Date: June 6, 2010 (This Sunday!)

Time: 4:30PM

Where: 5 Points Theatre

Address: 1028 Park Street Jacksonville, Florida 32204

If you can't attend, we'll stream the IRS Hitman Premiere live:

Log onto at 4:30 pm Eastern,  as mile one of a million mile adventure begins.   We'll see you there.  "Let's Ride!"