The IRS Hitman Movie Premier Recap & How to Win an iPad!

Our Hollywood style red carpet movie premiere at the 5 Points Theatre in Jacksonville Florida was a resounding success. With the theatre filled to maximum capacity we premiered the first episode of the IRS Hitman reality TV Show the eager attendees. The IRS Hitman was amazing on the big screen. If you missed the first episode, you can still watch it at or click watch in the navigation above.

How to Win an iPad!

- Subscribe to the “Hit Squad” Facebook page.

- We will post a question on “Hit Squad” Facebook page on Monday, June 7. Answer the question regarding the first episode, by sending a message via Facebook to the The “Hit Squad” Facebook page. You can only answer the question by watching the show on

-On June 11th we will randomly choose the winner from viewers who have answered the question correctly. We will announce the IPAD winner on the “Hit Squad” Facebook page on!
Good Luck & “Let’s Ride!”