Former Company Controller Sentanced to 36 Months in prison for Tax Evasion

Surprise, surprise... a former controller for "Vinyl Tech Window Systems", Pamela Blodgett, 57,  was sentenced to 26 months in prison and ordered to pay the IRS $570,000 in restitution for taxes she didn't pay to the IRS...on money she embezzled from the company!

According to U.S Attorney Barbara McGuade, Pamela Blodgett was sentenced in Federal court in Detroit by Chief Judge Gerald Rosen. She pleaded guilty to filing a false return for 2003.

The Perfect Crime: Court records reveal that Blodgett embezzled a massive sum of more than $1.7 million. Having the authority to issue checks she ran the funds through Valley Lawn Maintenance, a company owned by her husband. Blodgett attempted to conceal the money by using false entries and padding the record books by listing legitimate vendors as payees.

Caught by the IRS: Pamela Blodgett may have gotten away with her embezzlement scheme, but she underpaid the IRS by $570,000. The IRS doesn't go easy on anyone who underpays their taxes. This is yet another case of a criminal being caught by the Taxman before the Lawman.

IRS Special Agent Maurice Aouate adds, "No matter the source of your income, even if it's stolen or illegal, it remains taxable. IRS Criminal Investigation will vigorously investigate any individual who knowingly and willfully evades his or her tax obligation."

That's right, criminals. Not even you are safe from the Taxman. IRS Criminal Investigation is coming!