Pamela Anderson owes Over $493K in Taxes- Who You Gonna Call?

Pamela Anderson, the iconic Baywatch Bombshell and Dancing with the Stars contestant had a tax lien of $493,144 filed against her recently. Every year the California Franchise Tax Board publishes their list of the state's top 250 tax delinquents. Pamela Anderson is one of the top three of the list, which also includes Halsey Minor and Tim Blixseth.

Dancing with the Stars contests sure seem to have issues paying up to the IRS. First there was Helio Castroneves, and now Pamela Anderson is singing the IRS Tax Debt blues. These famous examples just go to show you, even celebrities with access to the best resources and accountants mess up and end up owing the IRS. It's important to ask questions and work with the professionals to avoid Tax Mistakes.

Take this important lesson with you on this day, the dreaded Tax Day. I'd like to personally let Ms. Anderson know that I would be ready and willing to help her if she ever needs professional tax advice.

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