NEW REALITY TV SHOW Filming Here in Jacksonville!

This real life, High Def TV drama is now shooting right here in Jacksonville! Co- Produced by Jacksonville born, Academy Award Considered filmmaker, (Young at Hearts) Don Campbell, The "IRS (+) Hitman," is a cross between "Till Debt Do Us Part" & "Extreme Home Make Over;" the show featuring real life EX-IRS Hitman & former IRS Agent, whose Father was also a career IRS man; one day in a cold sweat, "The Hitman" awoke & realized he could no longer be apart of an organization that destroyed peoples lives! "It was living a waking nightmare... I realized that I had to change my life in order to make a positive change in the lives of others," say's the Hitman himself.

And now...
Helmet clad, head to toe black bike leathers, and armed with a lifetime of IRS knowledge, the IRS (+) Hitman uses his IRS prowess, barely legal black on black motorcycle, street smarts, & calculator, to free the devastating weight of the IRS from the shoulders of the American TaxPayers!

Through a local Craig's list ad, The IRS (+) Hitman, discovered its first taxpayer family in need... right here in Jacksonville.
"We're not building houses but we're definitely putting lives back together and keeping the IRS from derailing the American Dream," says the Hitman.

And agreeing whole heartily is RJ, wife Barbara, & their 4 mega talented R&B crooning sons who are potentially only 1 CD away from achieving musical stardom with their highly popular band, called Jonra!

"All we want is what's best for our family & and for the boy's singing careers...
But with this IRS debt of over 20 k, and me, having to run to the ATM machine every week to get the cash before the IRS does. We're on the verge of losing everything and we're so close in achieving the dream of a lifetime." We needed help and we didn't know where to turn." "That's when we reached out to the IRS (+) Hitman. We had no idea there was someone out there like the Hitman to get us the help we need… to free us from this IRS nightmare. We’re counting on the Hitman… plain and simple.”

“Reality TV with A Bullet.” Show teaser, behind the scenes interviews and special footage can be seen for the first time ever at

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The IRS Hitman is interested in press inquiries and can be reached at:
HitsquadIRS@Gmail and 904 200-5453
904 200-5453
Don Campbell

Reality TV with A Bullet!