Fake IRS agent ordered to Pay Hotel $55,000

Smart Move: An IRS Agent live for free in a California hotel for two years, racking up a $55,000 bill. There's only one problem with this scenario- this woman wasn't an IRS Agent at all! She's caught, and now she has to pay it all back!

Police reports state that he woman began living in a hotel in Novato, California in 2002. This is when she started making up stories about being an agent for the IRS. She continued to pay her bill on time until around 2008, when she told the hotel co-owner that she wouldn't pay her bill again until the completion of her IRS investigation.

To add insult to injury, she had the hotel owners write letters to the IRS, which she promised to deliver. But the charade is up, and she has pleaded guilty to charges of impersonating a federal officer.

Instead of sending the fake IRS agent (who is in her 60s and his diabetic) to prison, she was sentenced to give years of supervised probation and ordered to pay the $55K back to the hotel owners.

Lessons Learned IRS scammers are out there. You have to be careful of who you trust when it comes to your Tax Debt issues. These hotel owners may now be deeper in debt because they actually believed this woman was an IRS Agent.