Not even IRS Employees are Immune to the IRS

I've stated it before, but not even IRS Employees can avoid the fierce wrath the IRS employs to those who break the tax law. Recently, IRS employee Candace M. Morrow admitted that she failed to report her income while she received federal rental assistance between 2005 and 2009. She could face up to a year in prison and she may even lose her job!

Tax Debt and Losing Work: Many government workers are in danger of losing their jobs if they owe the IRS. IRS Employees are no exception. If the IRS will bring up chargers against one of "their own", what chance do you think you have this tax season?

IRS Federal Charges: Appearing in court, Candace M. Morrow plead guilty to a charge of theft of public money. She could face a prison sentence of six to twelve months when sentenced on July 12.

It's not Worth it to try to con the IRS. You'll face fines, you could lose your job, and you could even wind up in jail. Be sure to file and pay your taxes on time this year to avoid serious tax issues.

Signs of a Bad Tax Help Company

Many people make mistakes like Candace M. Morrow because they took the wrong advice from a Tax Resolution company. The following signs are hallmarks of a bad Tax Help Company that will take your money and lead your further into debt with the IRS.

1. Signs of a Bad Tax Help Company, Retainer Fee: Retainer Fees and Retainer Agreements are binding contracts. Once you sign one, a Tax Help Company may charge more fees later. Look for Tax Help Companies with a flat fee that doesn't change.

2. Signs of a Bad Tax Help Company, Pressure Agreements: a Bad Tax Help Company will try to pressure you into an agreement, even if you are not sure if they will help you avoid tax issues. You need to work with a Tax Help Company that won't pressure you on the phone or in person.

3. Signs of a Bad Tax Help Company, Asking for Personal Information on the Phone: A Bad Tax Help Company will request your personal information over the phone. Never give your important personal information over the phone. It's a good idea to simply hang up if a Tax Help Company requests information over the phone. These kinds of Tax Help Companies won't help you Avoid Tax Issues, they could lead you further into Tax Debt!