IRS Tax Debt: Know Your Tax Debt Advantages and Finish on Top

Merciless: IRS Hit-men are ruthless. They don't care if your cat was sick, if credit card bills are due, or if you couldn't afford other luxuries. Boohoo. It's hard for an IRS agent to feel pity for you when the IRS gives you so many advantages. All the resources you need to prevent tax debt are easily available to you.

Know the Rules:
You're reading this article, so it's established that you have the Internet. Well did you know that with just a click of the mouse and little research, all the IRS rules are available to you? Not only that, but the IRS literally “Scripts” how every contact with a taxpayer is to be handled.

Your Local Library: Let's pretend that hypothetically you had no Internet or even a computer. How could you File your Taxes or read the IRS publications with all their rules? Your city's local library has tax information readily available to you. And the best part is that all the information is free.

Check Your Mail: You get a notice if you have an issue with the IRS. Each notice details the steps you'll need to take and the punishments you'll face if you ignore the notice. It's written plainly in black and white, yet people still told me they had no idea their IRS Debt was “that serious”. It's only when you ignore the IRS's advanced notice that the IRS will take forceful action against you.

Professional Help: There used to be a time where people were on the their own against the big bad IRS. But now there's a bunch of reliable tax professionals that will do the hard work and make sure you get out of Tax Debt. So you can't use an excuse like, “But I didn't know how to deal with the IRS” - because there's professionals who will deal with the IRS for you.

Get Started: So now you have the tools for fighting the IRS and getting out of debt. Start your research and get on the fast track to finishing on top.