The IRS Increases Collection Efforts for High Earners

The IRS made announced a new investigation unit to help them find more offshore tax cheats. This group has been named the "Global High Wealth Industry Group". New offices are in various countries, with simular units in Japan, Germany, and the UK.

From IRS Commissioner Shulman in a recent speech:

At least initially, we will be looking at individuals with tens of millions of dollars of assets or income. Going forward, we will take a unified look at the entire web of business entities controlled by a high wealth individual, which will enable us to better assess the risk such arrangements pose to tax compliance and the integrity of our tax system.

The "Global High Wealth Industry Group" will target those with complicated overseas business entities, monitoring closely for tax cheats hiding their income with fake business identities. Partnerships, offshore trusts, and other sneaky maneuvers will be closely scrutinized.

Celebrities With Tax Problems

Celebrities are high earners. You can even more celebrities to come up owing tax debt in months to come. Here's a few of the major celebrities to owe Tax Debt this year.

Floyd Mayweather (Boxer): $5,000,000
Flavor Flav (Rapper): $183,000 in CA back taxes
Edward Rollins: (Political activist): $1,240,000 for Federal taxes
Nas (the Rapper): $2,500,000 for IRS Taxes
Darryl Strawberry: (former MLB player): $500,000 in CA back taxes
Method Man: (Rapper): $33,000
Robert Traylor: (former NBA player): $178,000 in Federal taxes
Dave Coulier: (Joey Gladstone the actor): $49,000 - State and Federal
Pamela Anderson: Almost 2 million for State and IRS combined
Chris Tucker: Almost $3.6 million in CA taxes