Tax Amnesty is NOT a Magic Cure for Tax Debt

Lately, a lot of commercials talk about the Tax Amnesty program in a VERY misleading manner. The IRS's Tax Amnesty program is ONLY for those with overseas accounts to avoid criminal prosecution IF they come forward and pay all taxes, penalties, and interest on the amount they owe the IRS.

Don't let an unreliable tax preparer steer you down the wrong path. Here's a list of questions you need to ask to make the best choice if you choose to work with a professional.

Questions to Ask:

These questions are determined by the National Society of Accountants. You have the right to answers to every one of these questions before you proceed with a Tax Preparer.

• What credentials do you have? You want to work with certified professionals with excellent track records for success.

• How long have you been in practice? Experience is an excellent indicator that you’re working with a trustworthy individual or company. Look for at least 10 years of experience.

• Have you ever dealt with tax situations like mine? You want to work with a Tax Preparer with a ride range of experience. They should know how to handle every IRS Lien, IRS Levy and any other IRS problem in-between.

• Are you the person who will be handling my return? It’s important to know who will be handling your Tax Issues. You need their name and contact information.

• What organizations do you belong to and do they have a code of ethics? You want your Tax Preparer to be a member of organizations like the Better Business Bureau that require companies and individuals to adhere to a strict set of ethics. Look for the highest ratings possible within these organizations.

You don’t want to owe the IRS or risk an IRS Audit because you chose the wrong Tax Preparer. Remember, if choose the wrong Tax Preparer you can be held liable for all of the damages incurred. If you owe the IRS or have an IRS Lien or IRS Levy issued against you, it’s very important to choose someone you can trust or you run the risk of making your situation