Updates on ACORN: Pimps, Hoes, and Taxes, Oh My!

A lot of people e-mailed me asking for the infamous ACORN video. By popular demand, here it is. Watch ACORN officials advise citizens posing as a Pimp and a Prostitute on how to cheat on their taxes.

True, the situation is a little humorous. But there's nothing humorous about these officials getting caught advising people to take illegal acts against the IRS. As a former Revenue Officer, I've heard it all. So many people continue to do ridiculously illegal things, like claim $9,600 for earnings when they made $96,000. Sometimes they don't think they're doing anything wrong. Don't work with anyone but reliable professionals when it comes to handling your taxes! This video with ACORN proves that help from nonprofit community organizations, even if they mean well, could lead you down the path to destruction.