The IRS Hitman's "The Million Mile" Journey in Detail

Yesterday I announced my "Million Mile" journey to help taxpayers in need. I'm on the way to Lynch, Kentucky, where I'm going to aid City Council and complete a new financial strategy that will prevent IRS issue now and in the future. This exemplifies what my journey is all about. I'm traveling across the nation to help taxpayers in need with their IRS issues. Along the way, I hope to:

- Meet with clients and people I've met along the way and share their stories. Their success with getting out from under crushing tax debt should serve as a template and inspire many who owe the IRS to do the same.

- Actively participate in client's tax debt resolutions. Construct a customized plan and strategy to help people and keep them compliant and out of trouble with the IRS.

- Spread awareness. By taking this journey, recording the process, and inviting my readers and the media along with us, we're spreading awareness of the burden taxpayers face during a harsh economic climate.

I'll continue to make blog posts about the journey every week day, and I'll update my Twitter with video clips, pictures, and details about our journey. Follow us every step of the way.