The IRS Hitman interviews Lynch, Kentucky City Council Members

The City The IRS Hitman Saved Last year, a U.S City was Bankrupt and bullied by the IRS. The current recession caused budget shortfalls. The mayor and council members couldn't pay the IRS debt. They feared seizure of City Hall and owed over $120,000.

The Resolution Resolving Lynch Kentucky's tax debt issue was difficult. I had to work with the Mayor and the Board of Finances to keep the IRS Division Chief and their assigned Revenue Officer at bay. In the end, we got the IRS to offer a penalty pardon that saved the city!

The Interviews Still on my "Million Mile Journey" to help taxpayers in need, I spoke with three members of Lynch Kentucky's City Council, who are incredibly grateful for the solution we gave them. We can't wait to share pictures and footage.

We're not holding back on the bullets, we're using everything we've got. We're talking with local police, the citizens of Lynch, visiting the homes of City Council members, and there's even a running gag about an infamous Black Bear. We'll update more on this soon.

More on the "Million Mile" Journey I'm traveling across the Nation along with acclaimed director Don Campbell to help taxpayers in need. My first official stop was Lynch Kentucky, where I discussed spoke with members of City Council. I'll continue to update on our "Million Mile" journey in the coming months via this blog and my Twitter account. I'll continue to answer questions via e-mail.