Top 3 Ways to Stop a Tax Levy, Creative Solutions

Tried it all? Reasoning with the IRS is next to impossible. Maybe the usual solutions for releasing a Tax Levy didn't work for you. Don't give up hope. Try some of these little known solutions. But before you read and try these, remember that the best way to stop or prevent a Tax Levy is to pay your debt in full.

Request more time: You can have your levy lifted for a short time. But you'll have to work hard for it. Explain how you're going to raise the money to pay. Let the IRS know you're going to sell some assets or get a home equity loan to pay your debt. The IRS might go with you on it, but you have to follow through with them. Keep updating them on your status.

Appeal: Know your rights. You have the Right to appeal a Tax Levy. I'll be honest though, the RO Manager will most likely turn you down. Regardless, you can still complete Form 8423, “Collection Appeal Request” and send it to the IRS. Don't get your hopes up on this option though, few people are approved.

Pay Anything: Again, had to list the obvious answer. You should try to borrow on credit cards, take out a loan, or even ask your family. As long as your making consistent payments to the IRS, they have no reason to levy your bank account or your wages.

You've been warned: I thought I'd list some helpful tips for prevent and cursing Tax levies, but really, the only way to stop them from happening is to face up and pay up. If you're too overwhelmed to cope with your IRS mess, consider working with a professional.