Ask the IRS Hitman on Yahoo Answers

Ask The Hitman: Many of my readers already know they contact me through the form, by e-mail. Now, there's yet another outlet to reach me at.

Yahoo Answers On top of my hectic schedule, I've made a Yahoo Answers account. From here, I can help more taxpayers in need to answer their burning questions. It's hard work, and I won't be able to put my 100% full attention to it, but I will try to use it as much as possible. I'll even share some helpful answers to questions on Yahoo Answers here on the blog. Here's one from last week, which was voted Best Answer:

I'm the manager of a small business and want to hire a bookkeeper. What are some good questions to ask this?
potential bookkeeper?

I only need someone who knows quickbooks...what are some good questions to ask. I own a small lounge in a city and need help in keeping up with the cash flow.

My Answer:
Hiring a bookkeeper is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Here's some questions you should ask straight from the national society of accountants:

- What credentials do you have?
- How long have you been in practice?
- How do you keep current on law changes?
- Have you dealt with tax situations like mine?
- Are you the person who will do my return?
- What organizations do you belong to and do they have a code of ethics?

Don't forget to ask about their experience (looking for 10+ years), licenses, and certifications.

As always, I'm only an e-mail away if you have any specific questions. Drop me a line.