IRS Hitman Blog Catergories, and More Ways to Get Tax Debt Help

Finally: I've found the time to organize my posts into categories. This will let me see what I need to write more of, and help you access my posts better. Now it's even easier to get answers to your Tax Debt Questions! But in case you didn't know, here are more easy ways to get answers to your Tax Debt Questions:

- Categories: Look through the freshly added categories to the right. You should find answers to specific questions there. But if that isn't enough, there's more ways my blog offer Tax Debt Help.

- E-mail Me: Shoot me an e-mail at I'm busy helping taxpayers here at the office, but since I'm usually in front of the computer I promptly reply to e-mails. Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have a question or need help.

- Fill out the Form: If you fill out the form to the right, a Tax Debt Specialist will give you a call and discuss options for resolving your Tax Issue. This is a FREE consultative service.

-Call: You can access the same free Tax Debt Help service by calling 1-888-248-9058. You'll talk with a tax professional that will help you solve your tax debt issue.

Your Input matters to me. Would you like to see more categories? Specific questions? Leave a comment and let me know.