Tax Resources for Small Businesses, Everything You Need to Prevent or Fix Business Tax Debt

Doomed to Fail- The IRS estimates that Small Businesses owe the most to the IRS. It's almost too easy for a small business to make a mistake, one small slip up and you could owe the IRS thousands!

Why the Trouble?
The IRS doesn’t require a test for someone to start a business and receive their Tax ID number. They don’t need to display any knowledge of taxation to open a business and have employees. This is why small business owners can get into so much trouble with the IRS. You have to take responsibility and take advantage of the resources provided to stay above Tax Debt.

Tax Resources for Small Businesses:

The A to Z Index for Business- Just like the title suggests, covers a variety of subjects relating to the IRS and Business.

The IRS Small Business Resources Guide, 2009 This guide covers everything, from starting up, to preparing Tax Returns.

Tax Changes for Businesses - Stay up-to-date on the various Small Business Changes with news directly from the IRS.

Economic Stimulus Payment Info Center for Business- Find information on the business provisions of the economic stimulus payments.

Get the 2009 Business Tax Calendar- This Calendar will help you make quarterly payroll payments and other important deposits on time.

E-File for Business and Self-Employed Taxpayers- This is for helping you find the E-filing option to suit your business needs.

State Taxes- Business tax required by the federal government are tough enough. But you also need to know about you State Tax obligations. This source provides access to key resources that will help you learn about your state tax obligations.

Questions? If you don't have time to lose, consider working with a professional to resolve your issue. Business Tax Debt issues escalate into bigger messes quicker than they do with personal Tax Debt issues, so don't delay!