Top Filing Mistakes, Blunders Made at the Last Minute

Forgetting the "Making Work Pay" Tax Credit

The Making Work Pay tax credit –– In 2009 and 2010 individuals can get up to $400 and married couples up to $800.

Using the Wrong Filing Status

Are you using the single filing status when you could be enjoying the standard deduction reserved for head of household or qualifying widow?

Not Double Checking

Even if you're using tax filing software, there can be errors. Signing an incorrect tax return can be as good as tax evasion in the eyes of the IRS.

Not Attaching Forms to the Front of the Return

If you're mailing in a paper return, attach your W2s and other tax forms to the front of your returns.

Filing a Late Tax Return

If you can't meet the IRS deadline, file a Form 4868 for an extension to avoid late filing penalties.

Not Signing and Dating Returns

Don't forget to sign and date the forms (and remind your spouse too). It's as good as not even sending in a tax return, if it's incomplete.

Not Reporting All Income

Don't leave out any income. Trust me, it's better to be honest right away. The IRS penalizes for inaccurate returns.

Claiming a Deduction Instead of a Credit

Sometimes itemized deductions results in a lower tax liability, and sometimes it doesn't. It's best to compare which reduces your tax liability the most.

Incorrect Bank Account Numbers for Direct Deposit

This is for obvious reasons. The IRS doesn't care if someone else gets your refund.