The Top 5 Things you Need to Know about Paying your IRS Taxes

Paying your Taxes on time? Good! You're one of the few that's on the right track, even if you're preparing to pay right now. (Which is a little late in the game, admit it.) For those of your that are preparing to pay the IRS, here's are the Top 5 things you need to know about paying your IRS Taxes.

1. Never send the IRS cash

Although this is a general rule for making payments by mail, maybe taxpayers still send cash in the mail!

2. Enclose your payment with your return, but do not staple it to the form.

It's never a good idea to make things harder for the IRS.

3. If you pay by check or money order, make sure it is payable to the “United States Treasury.”

... and not "The IRS," "Uncle Sam," or any of the colorful expletives you really want to write.

4. Complete and include Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher, when sending your payment and tax return to the IRS.

This helps the IRS process your payment accurately and efficiently.

3. Pay by phone

Of course, the IRS will make things as convent as possible for you when you're TRYING to pay. To that end, you can pay the IRS by phone using a credit or debit card whether you file a paper return or electronically.

Honorable Mention

This should go without mention, but since so many people forget to this important step, I have to include it. Don't forget to provide your CORRECT:

Name, Address, Social Security Number, Daytime Telephone Number, Tax Payer and Form Number on the front of your check or money order.

Thank God it's Friday O.K, so I don't get Good Friday off (Bad Friday?), but protecting the American Taxpayer is a Full Time job. I'll be out of the office early today, but I'll be back on Monday to help those who are clamoring to finish taxes before the deadline.

Have a Wonderful Easter Weekend!