Taxes are Due Today, Very Last Second Tax Filing Tips

HELP! Your Taxes are due by midnight tonight. Depending on when you're reading this, that gives you a few precious moments to get your taxes out before the deadline. Don't give up, get moving!

Step 1: Mental Anguish and Punishment
This is a necessary, and perhaps, defining stage of the Ultra-Late-Tax-Filing Process. Bang your head on the desk and punish yourself for not doing this months ago. Finished? Keyboard intact? Good, on to step two...

Step 2: Get them DONE
Not even started yet? You might be out of luck. But if you can manage it, finish them off! It's better to get SOMETHING to the IRS than nothing to avoid the late filing penalties.

Step 3: Mailing It by Midnight
Doing your Taxes the old fashioned way? Find a nearby post office that is open until midnight, go here to do that. Although at this stage, filing electronically might be a good idea.

Step 3: File an Extension
Your Extension of Time to File Form is due midnight tonight. Download it here if you know you can't file on time.

Don't forget to include:

-Your Social Security Number, (and spouse's, if filing jointly)
-Estimated Tax Bill amount
-The amount of the check your including with your form if you need to include a payment.

You'll have until October 15th to file your taxes if you send in the extension of time to file. Remember, this is not an extension of time to PAY your taxes, they are still due tonight!

You can get more official IRS info on filing your extension here.

Payment Due Today You can delay filing your taxes, but you can't delay paying them! If taxes are due and you know you can't pay, FILE THEM, and include as much as you can pay, along with a letter explaining why you can't pay and how you intend to pay them. This might buy you a small window of time to contact a Tax Resolution Professional to help you solve your Tax Debt issues.