Tax Due in less than 1 Week! Here's the Forms You'll Need

Deadline Approaches The deadline creeps closer and closer every day. From now until April 15th, I'll be posting tax filing hints and tips. This one is a bit of a recap, but I know most of you don't have time to dig through my archives to find the information you need.

Tax Filing Forms

Individuals: Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ. Pay the first installment of 2009 estimated tax.

Partnerships: Form 1065 for 2008; give copy of Sch. K-1 to each partner.

Electing Large Partnerships: File a 2008 calendar year return.

For Household Employers: File Schedule H if you paid $1,500 or more to a household employee. Deadline to make corrective refunds in excess of prior year's elective deferral limit.

Corporations: Deposit the first installment of your estimated tax for 2009.

Small Business IRS Tip: Deposit Payroll tax for March if the monthly deposit rule applies. Deposit Payroll tax for payments on April 8-10 if the semiweekly deposit rule applies.

NEED HELP? I'm extremely busy here at the office, but if you have any questions at all e-mail me, and I'll point you in the right direction.