Tabloid Fodder: Rapper Lil' Kim owes $1 Million in Back Taxes

I have to admit, I'm usually too busy to read about all that celebrity gossip crap. But Gossip Magazines pay top dollar for prime real estate, meaning all of the the grocery store check-out lines in America are filled with that garbage! Everyone has to buy food, so everyone is exposed to that journalistic diarrhea. I almost feel guilty about spreading more "gossip," but hey, this has some relevance to my work. So here we go:

Lil' Kim, the Epitome of Grace and Class Owes Back Taxes

I mean, what a class act, this lovely young lady. I had no idea that such a fine, cultured specimen would be cable of this kind of neglectfulness. This just goes to show you that ANYONE can owe the IRS. I mean, she's a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, for goodness sakes. Now there's a respectable, dignified, and intelligent show. Yet Lil' Kim (real name, Kimberly Jones) owes nearly $1 Million to the IRS, how can this be?

In case my sarcastic message was not perceived in writing, I'll have you know that I am being sarcastic. To Continue...

The Stats:

- $12,599 (#9,065) to the state of New York
- $4,089 (#2,940) in a tax lien to California
- $916,982 (#659,700) in various liens to the state of New Jersey

There ya go I gave the people what they wanted. But tomorrow I'll be back with more hard facts or maybe even some real news. Until then, remember, April 15 is only 20 days away!