Rebuking the “Kindler, Gentler” IRS...again

The IRS Wants to Help You: The IRS claims they want to go the extra mile to help taxpayers that owe. Here's what IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman had to say:

“We need to ensure that we balance our responsibility to enforce the law with the
economic realities facing many American citizens today...We want to
go the extra mile to help taxpayers, especially those who’ve done the right thing in
the past and are facing unusual hardships.”

The Truth: According to the number of e-mails I get daily from citizens asking for Tax Help, it doesn't look like the IRS is going the extra mile to help anybody.

Sorry to burst the proverbial bubble regarding this “IRS-is-out-to-help” issue. (I must just split a seam if I don't die laughing first) But what can I say, I'm a realist.

In fact, the IRS is increasing the enforcement budget for 2009 by the millions. In particular, they are targeting Small Business owners and Self Employed individuals, believing they are the ones evading taxes the most.

FY 2009 Budget Documents: Keep in the know. This official IRS Tax Budget Document will help you get the scoop on what's reallygoing on.

Budget FY 2009

This “Kindler, Gentler” no more big-bad-IRS thing is going to give taxpayers the wrong idea. Don't take a break from your tax obligations just because the IRS issued a couple of well-spun press releases. If you owe the IRS, get to paying them! And of course, don't be afraid to ask for professional help if you need it.