What Do YOU Want to Read?

Business as Usual: My e-mail inbox is full here at the office. I'm not complaining, I love to helping my readers with their Tax Debt Issues. But while going through the inbox today I got to thinking- what do YOU want to read about? What particular pressing items do you need answers to? What confusing IRS Issues need clarification? Let me know!

Today's Tips: Tonight, I wanted to cover Identity Theft. This is a Hot Issue with the IRS, the scammers have been more agressive than ever this past year.

Here are a few things the IRS wants you to know about Identity Theft:

1. If you receive a letter or notice from the IRS which leads you to believe someone may have fraudulently used your Social Security Number, respond immediately to the name and address or phone number printed on the IRS notice.

2. If you receive a letter from the IRS that indicates more than one tax return was filed for you, this may be a sign that your SSN was used fraudulently.

3. Another sign that you may be the target of identity theft is an IRS letter indicating you received wages from an employer unknown to you.

4. The IRS has a department which deals specifically with identity theft issues. The IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit is available if you have been in contact with the IRS about an identity theft issue and have not achieved a resolution.

The Big One: The IRS NEVER initiates communication with taxpayers about their tax account through emails. If you receive an e-mail or find a Web site you think is pretending to be the IRS, forward the e-mail or Web site URL to the IRS at phishing@irs.gov.

Now You Have the Smoking Gun...Use it!