Inauguration Afterglow...and Getting Back to Work!

My Two Cents: Every blogger in the Blogosphere is reporting on last night's Historical Presidential Inauguration. To be honest, I've been too busy here at the office helping Taxpayers with their Tax Debt Issues to really pause and take it all in! I'm sure we can all agree that change needs to happen in these pressing economic times. Many people are drowning in debt, and the IRS isn't going to pause and wait for Taxpayers to recover, this year they're redoubling their efforts to collect delinquent Tax Debt.

Temptation: Our economic challenges are making people desperate. I've personally seen a rise in Taxpayers trying to cheat their way out of tax debt, and their subsequent demise when the IRS catches them! For example, the IRS estimates 84% of tip-earning workers underreport their income and do not list tips with their income. Innocent enough, right? Wrong. The IRS will not see it this way. Cheating is cheating, and you will get caught. In 2007, 50% of the people bought to court for tax crimes were convicted.

They're Back: The Men in Black are back. The IRS wants to make it known that they are back in the enforcement business. So you need to stay alert and make sure you don't commit any common tax offenses. If you don't, you risk doubling or even tripling your tax debt.

Common Offenses:
-Failure to File your Tax Return
-Failure to Pay Your Taxes
-Failure to Supply information
-Filing a False Claim or Refund
-Failure to Keep Records
-Assisting anyone in the Acts above

Avoid It!
Here are a couple of ways to avoid being stalked by the IRS's Special Agents

1.File your Tax Returns
2.Didn't file? Get current on filing your tax returns
3.Pay your Taxes
4.Didn't pay? Get current on paying your taxes

Be Straight: Times are tough, the American Taxpayers feel uncertain. I hear this every day, and I can empathize with your desperate situations. However, it's my duty to warn you not to get tempted to lie on your Tax Return in any way. You want to avoid the wrath of the IRS Criminal Investigations division at all costs.

Now You Have the Smoking Gun...Use it!