Breeze through Tax Forms with the Tax Filing Checklist

Start Early: I know my blog is reading like a broken record lately, but I’m going to say it again anyway: Get started early this Tax Season! Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling to get all of your Tax Documents together when April rolls around. Don’t let this happen to you, relax and use this checklist and get your Tax Files organized now.

Tax Filing Checklist:

1. Personal Information: You need your Social Security details, as well as the Social Security details for your Spouse, Children, or any other dependants you may have.

If you’ve hired a full time babysitter or nanny, you need their Name, Address, Tax ID, and Social Security Number for your Tax Filing.

2. Employment and Income: You need to have the following forms on-hand:
W-2 Forms for the current year and/or if Form 1099-G if you’ve received Unemployment Compensation for the past year.

Remember to report ALL of your income. Including Alimony received Gambling and Lottery Winnings, or even Jury Duty Pay. Report this miscellaneous income on Form 1099-MISC.

3. Expenses: This is your chance to earn money, so don’t overlook this step.. Here’s some expenses that qualify:

Gifts to Charity, Investment Expenses, Job Hunting Expenses, Child Care Expenses, Alimony Paid, Adoption Expenses, and even Job-Related education expenses count.

Be careful, do not claim expenses if they are not qualified expenses, or you could get end up in debt to the IRS.

Still Scary? Is this all still too much for you? You don’t have to do this on your own. You can use Tax Filing Software, or better yet hire a professional to file your taxes for you. It will be worth the expense if you’re saving your self from excess stress and anxiety.

Things get more complicated if you are self-employed, need to take medical deductions, or if you have specialized Tax Issues. If you have any specific questions, feel free to drop me a line, or do your own research. Just make sure to double check that your information is from a reputable source.

Now You Have the Smoking Gun…use it!