Taking The Gloves Off

Back From A Long Holiday: Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope everyone's holiday weekend was safe and enjoyable. But now it is Monday again, and the start of a new month. It's time to get things off on the right foot by getting our finances in order. I know many of you plan on making your New Year's Resolution, getting your finances in control. So why not start now?

$163 Million Dollars? At least that's what the IRS says they have remaining in returned economic stimulus checks. That's about 280,000 Americans that are just going without. And with the way the economy's been lately, you can't afford to miss this check. Tonight is the last night to contact the IRS concerning your stimulus check. Once the clock strikes Midnight tonight, it's all gone.

Beat the Clock: You may not be sure if you even qualified for a stimulus check. But don't panic; as long as you get in touch with them by midnight tonight you'll be fine. To find out if you qualify or for more information about the IRS stimulus check, go here. You can also call them at 866-234-2942.

Get Yourself Together: We've only got one month left in 2008, and before we know it, April 15th will be upon us. So let's get a jump start on the taxes this year. As soon as Jan. 1st hits, start getting your paperwork together and sending it in. You may be worried that you're going to owe but just remember, they can't jail you for not paying...but they can jail you for not filing.

Contact: As the tax season gets closer, feel free to talk to your friendly ex IRS-Hitman. If you want to talk to me about your IRS issue, fill out the form over on the left. Or you can always call me at 888-248-9058, or e-mail me at irs-hitman@taxdefensenetwork.com.

Now you have the Smoking Gun...Use It!