Tonight's Debate: Winner Take All

Squaring Off: Senators Barak Obama and John McCain will be butting heads tonight as millions of Americans tune in to watch their favored party. Few times in history has a debate been so vital to a campaign. What with the economy the way it has been, each candidate has not focused on their campaign as thoroughly as they would have liked. This means that these next few weeks are crucial in decision making.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes: That’s one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind; what’s going to happen with taxes? Well, obviously the economy is going to be fiscally strained for some time, and that’s something that unfortunately neither candidate can change. But what we can do is make sure we turn on our televisions tonight, and make sure we pay close attention to each running mate.

UnBEARable: Meanwhile, the Stock Market continues to drop, with Investors nervous about the economy and national financial institutions. The Dow Jones closed at -514.84 today, leaving economists wondering “When will it end.” Unfortunately, it seems as if there is no end in sight.

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Today’s Question: How do you think the economy is affecting this election, and do you think either candidate can do anything to change it?

Now you have the Smoking Gun…Use It!