Three Weeks Remain

Down, Up, and Down Again: The instability of the Dow Jones has left investors confused, but more importantly overly cautious about the market. Our economic financial situation, as you all know, has not been the easiest of them all. And after the Presidential debate last night, it looks like it’s going to come down to our President to make or break our economy these next four years.

Under Three Dollars? The one good thing about the stock market dropping is that oil has gone down. In fact yesterday it dropped under $75 dollars a barrel, and I was able to fill up for under three dollars. That’s right; at the gas station near my office I was able to fill up for $2.92. I was happily surprised.

Invest in Yourself: Remember, we are all our own best investment. Don’t rely on credit cards or banks to take care of your finances for you. Do your best to save money, and be prepared for the worst. Also if you’re currently in debt, especially with the IRS, do everything in your power to resolve that so you can get back to getting your financial life in proper order.

New E-Book Idea: I hope that all of you are enjoying the E-book. I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback on it. That being the case, I’m going to start working on my next one. This next E-book will be a little more in depth; a little longer. And this time around I’m going to touch base of filing, penalties, the IRS collection project, and much more.

Today’s Question: What are your thoughts on last nights debate? Do you think one opponent really outmatched the other?

Now you have the Smoking Gun…Use It!