Stock Market Crash Part Two?

Bears, and Bears, and Bears…Oh My! The Dow Jones lost 678 points today, making it the third biggest point lost in one session. That number was only surpassed by the point losses of Monday, September 29th and Monday October 6th. So why the bears? It’s simple, our financial economy is drowning and it looks as if there is no clear end in sight.

Election Time: With elections right around the corner, it seems that whoever is chosen for Presidency will be up against quite a monster. In the meantime, the stock market continues to drop, companies continue you collapse, and the IRS is sitting atop a high horse of power and finance.

What you can do: Spend your money wisely. If you’re planning on investing something, think very carefully about it. Minimize your losses and make sure you’re prepared for the worse. Square yourself away with your creditors, especially the IRS because they’re really cracking down this year. Unfortunately no one can say for sure what’s going to happen in the next few months; only time will tell.

Today’s Question: Do you think either candidate can do much about the economic crisis we are facing? If so, which one and why?

Now you the Smoking Gun…Use It!