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Credit Check! Credit has been a huge issue with the way the economy has been lately. With so many financial institutions going under, and less and less companies willing to give out credit, it’s getting harder and harder to make it by. These days, most everything is measured on credit. But where can you get the advice needed to manage these credit cards?
General Advice: Like my previous post, I want to take the time to direct you to some blogs concerning credit card information, advice, and service. Some blogs give a personal touch, like Blogging Away Debt. In this blog, a woman writes of how she and her family maintain their finances. Some other sites like Credit Karma, Master Your Card, Credit Card Expert, and Creditor Web offer reliable information and advice on Credit Cards.
Wide Variety: Some blogs offer a wide variety of knowledge. Blogs such as, Plastic Rap and Ask Mr. Credit Card cover more than just Credit Cards. They offer information on several types of cards. And Credit Slips offers an intellectual discussion on credit and bankruptcy. Other sites like Find Credit Cards are large collections of news articles and stories about credit cards, while blogs like Credit Bloggers actually offer solutions to credit issues.
Read Up! Using these sites as a reference can save you tons of trouble in the future. Studies have shown that more than 50% of Taxpayers that are behind in their taxes are also having issues with credit card debt. So don’t be afraid to seek help in that area if you having it.
Now you have the Smoking Gun…Use It!