A Ray of Hope...and Tons of Links!

It's Over 9000! The Dow Jones Skyrocketed yesterday, taking it back over the 9000 point mark. The price of gas is lower than we've seen in years, and in some places it's as low as $2.09 a gallon. That being said, it looks as if the worst is over. But as always, the IRS doesn't forget. They're still ready to do whatever it takes to get their money.

Education! I've always said that education is the most important factor. But I want you to know that I'm not the only tax blogger out there. In fact, there are several bloggers like me. People like Taxgirl, The Wandering Tax Pro, and Tax Guru, take time to make sure the common taxpayer gets the questions that they have answered.

But wait...there's more! There are also some tax professionals who take time out of what they are already doing to inform American citizens about tax law. People like Darrin Mish and Mike Habib update their blogs daily so that you can stay informed. I'm thankful to know about these sites. There are also a few more I'd like to tell you about.

State Specialists and General Tax Info: Some bloggers are specialized or based from their specific state. This can make them a little harder to find, but they should be read nonetheless. These bloggers include Mitchell Port and Kathy Howell.

There are also general tax and finance blogs like Eye on the IRS, Tax Prof Blog, and Tick Marks.

Use Them! I hope between my site, and the ones I've listen above, you can find any information that you need when it comes to taxes. Remember, the best weapon you have against the IRS is knowledge.

Now you have the Smoking Gun...Use It!