Update of Penalty Relief Bill 2009

It can be done: I've been getting tons of responses from readers asking me how real my idea about penalty relief is. Well I'm writing this to tell you; it's as real as it gets. This theory is obtainable and I need support in spreading the news. State's have been known to do this for tax situations all the time. In these cases, states will offer their debtors an amnesty period to pay back their tax without penalty and interest.

Pitfall Particulars: While talking to an old Hitman friend of mine, I realized that there will be some stipulations. For instance, usually if state's offer an amnesty period, the taxes owed must be paid by a certain date. So they'll say "Okay, between now and January 1st, all taxpayers can pay their original debts without penalty and interest." The thing about that is, after January 1st, they'll tack on a huge amount of extra penalties.

Think of the Possibilities: Just think about how great this would be. The IRS would get their money, and you would be given the opportunity to come clean with them, once and for all. If we pitch this amnesty period due date idea, we could get them to bite. If they think they have the upper hand, you can swoop in, pay off your debt, and get on with your life. By the time the IRS realizes what happened, you'll be off of their radar.

Spread the Word: Ask around forums about the idea. Tell people to read more information here at my blog. Let them know that the Hitman is out to help the American people. And if you have any questions about my idea, send them to me at irs-hitman@taxdefensenetwork.com. I'm going to need your help on this one, so get my idea out there!

Thanks so much for reading.