Trying Something New

Remember This? I’m sure all of you remember the Stimulus Checks that were sent out this year. In fact, the IRS has issued $93 billion in economic stimulus payments to 114.8 million individuals and families. But if you can believe it, some people still haven’t gotten theirs. Actually, some people haven’t even filed so that they can get the check! If nothing else, the stimulus check should be a good enough reason to get your taxes filed!

Make Your Move: The deadline for filing and still having eligibility to receive the economic stimulus package is October 15th. That means if you haven’t filed yet, you should. And, if you have filed and you haven’t received your check yet, get in touch with the IRS before it just disappears! You can check the status of your check on or you can call them at 1-866-234-2942. After selecting English or Spanish, press “2” to get info on your check.

Why aren’t you Filing? I know why most of you aren’t filing; you’re afraid you’re going to owe. I understand that it can be scary…you think that if you owe you aren’t going to able to pay it back. Well I’ll be the first to tell you, not filing is probably the worst thing you can do. The IRS will hunt you down and make you pay either way, so you may as well face the music.

Bitter Sweet: Not to mention, it may not sound like good news, but your economic stimulus will go toward anything you owe. You may break even, which is better than owing for sure. The most important thing is that you file any years you have missed. If you need any help with that, or you have any questions, you can shoot me an e-mail at

Otherwise! Make sure you get that stimulus check! The government doesn’t give out money very often, so take advantage while you can. Remember, the deadline is only two weeks away.

One More Thing: I’ve decided to try something new. From now on, each time I post I will be posting a question of the day at the bottom of the post. You can respond in comment form, or e-mail form.

Today’s Question: What are your thoughts regarding the Minnesota Reverend and Pastor whose words this Sunday sparked an issue with Federal and Tax Law?

Now you have the Smoking Gun…Use It!