Mayhem on Main Street

Panic Button: As I’m sure you’re all aware, the economy isn’t looking very good right now. In fact, after the $700 Billion Dollar Bailout was kicked out of the House on Monday, things look even worse. Somehow, a large panic button was hit this week and it looks like if we don’t do something fast, the American economy will swallow itself whole.

Absolute Madness! It’s nearly impossible to get credit anywhere, and people are getting a little stir crazy about their money being in banks. The country lost $1.2 Trillion dollars in Market Value on Monday, and monumental, decade-old companies are dropping like flies. It’s hard to find hope anywhere right now. But what does this have to do with the IRS?

Hand it Over! The last thing you need right now is the IRS breathing down your neck. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the IRS is still hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike. Everyone is stressed to the max about money and the IRS is no exception. They’re going to do whatever it takes to get their money. And you may be thinking “but with the way the economy is right now…” I hate to say it…but the IRS doesn’t care.

Let Me Help: Now is a better time than ever to address any IRS debt you have. Get it knocked out now while you can, because it may get harder and harder as time passes this year. Don’t hesitate to call me or e-mail me if you have any questions.

Last but not least!

Today’s Question: Are you for the $700 Billion Dollar Bailout Bill? If so, explain why. If not, give your thoughts on an alternative.

Now you have the Smoking Gun…Use It!