IRS Tax Evasion- Wesley Snipes Can't Dodge Taxes, Neither Can You

Invincible? The IRS extends special treatment to no one. Famous movie star Wesley Snipes was charged with Failure to File Tax Returns from 1999 through 2004. Did he get away with it? No! Even with his fancy expensive lawyers, Wesley Snipes received the maximum penalty for not filing his tax returns – 3 years.

Singing the Blues: So now you know the IRS can legally send you to jail for not filing. Have you neglected to file your taxes? You may be on the fast track to suffering Wesley Snipe's fate. But don't worry, it's not too to find a solution for your Tax Debt.

Stay Above Water: The best way to avoid debt with the IRS is to file your taxes every year. But if you didn't do this, you need to contact the IRS and negotiate a payment solution. This is not easy. The longer you've gone without paying your taxes the more complex the process becomes. And if you don't act quickly the IRS may place a Tax Levy or Lien on you without notice. It's a good idea to hire a Tax Professional to help you with this process- But Beware...

Avoid the Scams: Wesley Snipe's defense is that he was the victim of crooked advisers. He was given bad advice and acted on it. Many others have been made victims of so-called tax “professionals” that were really scammers in disguise. Make sure to do your research and hire only legitimate tax professionals. Be very careful of what advice you follow and only hire professionals that you can trust.

The Scam Check-list: If the tax professional you are working with is guilty of any of the offenses listed below, watch out! They are only out to scam you!

-They ask for your credit card number.

-They tell you that they're 100% positive your debt can be settled for pennies on the dollar

-They are evasive about questions you ask them.

Bottom Line: The IRS doesn't care about your social status. The IRS only cares about one thing- getting their money. You may have dodged the IRS for now, but just like they caught up to Wesley Snipes- they WILL catch up to you. Don't hesitate in settling your Tax Debts!

Now You Have the Smoking Gun...Use it!