IRS Penalty Relief Bill of 2009

Bright Idea: Last night, I was reading through some documents on and I came across some interesting information. It seems that the IRS loses billions of dollars per year in back tax collection. Now we all know the reason the American public doesn’t pay back these taxes; they can’t afford it! And usually, the reason is because someone may actually only owe about $10,000 dollars, but because of interest and penalties the IRS claims they owe $50,000 dollars!

Here’s What I’m Thinking: So it came to me, if the IRS can’t collect because we can’t pay, and we can’t pay because the debts are too high due to penalties and interest, why doesn’t the IRS remove the penalties and interest? Just think about it! Not only would the IRS be able to collect their debts more effectively, but American Taxpayers would be able to pay their dues and get out from under the debt.

Good for the IRS? The IRS’ sole purpose is to collect money. They don’t care how they get it and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. So if they could collect their money more effectively, why wouldn’t they? By removing penalties and interest, our ability to pay the debt goes up, and therefore gives the collection department and easier job.

Good for Us: Obviously, the best thing is that the government would remove penalties and interest, therefore lowering the debt. But more importantly, if we can pay our back taxes, we can finally stop losing sleep over being in debt. It would be fantastic! Now, all of a sudden, that $50,000 dollar debt is back down to $10,000 dollars.

Make Them Help Us: If we let them think they are getting a better deal than we are, we can actually make this happen! All we need is organization and presentation. As of right now, I’m trying to get in touch with the right channels to make this a bill and get it reviewed to be in effect in 2009. Let’s get it passed!

Now we have the Smoking Gun…Let’s Use It!