A New Week is Born

Welcome back from what I hope was a great weekend for everyone. As you become more educated about the IRS, and gain the support and knowledge that you need to fight back the world seems a brighter place. I would like to take today to look back on some of my key points I have made in the past

Tax Alert Update- Tricks and scams that some Tax Relief Companies try to catch you with

Solve your Tax Debt- See if you qualify for an offer in compromise

IRS Attack!- Don't get caught in the IRS cross hairs

If the IRS Levies my Bank Account, Can I Stop It?- Advice on the “Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing” letter fro the IRS

Act Now!- Don’t Put Off Solving your IRS Debt

In debt to the IRS?- The storm is closer than you think

Don't Get Scammed- Into an IRS Tax Debt!

IRS Tax Debt- The Questions You Wanted Answers to!

If you are new to the blog take a look at those posts and many of the others so that you are as well equipped with information as an IRS-Hitman is.

Also I'd like to take some question and answers in the comments section of this post, so please post your questions for the me.

-The IRS Hitman

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