Attention all Non-Profiters

Today marks the due date for forms 990 and 990-EZ forms. For those who don't know, these are information forms for non-profit organizations that are submitted annually. The due dates are 4.5 months after your organizations' fiscal year. So for all of those organizations whose year ended on December 31st, your due date for 990 forms is today. If your year does not end until June 30th, yours are not due of course until November 15th of this year. Be sure to file these, as the penalties can be $20 dollars a day up to $10,000 dollars total, or if your gross receipts are more than $1,000,000 dollars then you can be charged up to $100 dollars a day up to $50,000 total. If you've missed the deadline, don't panic: pay whatever late penalties you may owe and file for a 90-day extension.