Act Now! Don’t Put Off Solving your IRS Debt

Every Minute Counts! If you keep putting off dealing with your IRS tax problems, you are only making things worse. Every day that you don’t take care of the problem you are only accruing more penalties and interest, at about 5% per month.

Everybody Hurts! Take it from me, the IRS will find a way to get their money from you. I’ve conducted collection actions against everyone, from businessmen to your grandmother. A good IRS-Hitman will reach into his bag of tricks and choose something that will make your life completely miserable:

The IRS can apply a Tax Lien. This will make it impossible to sell anything you own, from your car to your home. It will also give you a black mark on your credit report that will be extremely difficult to remove.

The IRS can implement a Bank Levy. The IRS will get the money that you owe by taking it directly from you bank account. If your name is on the account, they will seize the funds in it and freeze it so you can't use it!

The IRS can garnish your wages. The IRS will make your employer withhold money from your paycheck to pay your tax debt. Garnishments can be up to 80% of your check. This will financially devastate you.

The IRS can seize your assets. This is when the IRS comes in and takes things like you car, retirement fund, family jewelry, and even your home. They will then sell them at auction to get the money that you owe for back taxes, and your property will usually sell for far less than its worth.

Nothing to Fear…You will not be able to rest until you have your tax problem solved. Don’t live every day in fear that the IRS will come for you. They will not go away! Take steps to get help and clear up your tax debt. If you don’t, the next step will be an IRS revenue officer knocking on your door.

Now you have the smoking gun…Use it!