Non Taxable Income: A Short List to Ease Your Worries

Report your income... Normally, any money you receive during the year has to be reported on your income tax filings. This includes paychecks, interest on accounts, and any kind of withdrawal from accounts, such as a 401k or pension. However, there is a fairly significant list of income sources that do not have to be reported as income on your tax return, and therefore are considered non-taxable.

Why is this money not taxed? In general, they're not taxed because they don't actually increase your personal income, nor can the money be used for personal use in order for the money to remain non-taxable. And, of course, the IRS has restrictions.

The following sources of income are considered non-taxable:

The tip of the iceberg... Of course, this is only a sampling on non-taxable sources of income, there are many more available at

Now you have the smoking gun... Use it!