Watch Out! The IRS is Coming for You

Ben Franklin said, "There are only two certainties: death and taxes." I know there are some of you who have been putting off your tax debt. It's been a while since they sent you a letter, right? You probably think the IRS has forgotten about you and your tax debt, or you've gotten lost in the system. Think again, we used to comb the system for people just like you. Because once we found those people they were easy money.

The IRS is gunning for you! This is a new tax year and the IRS ramps up their efforts to track down debtors. Once you file your tax returns a red flag is going to pop up and take my word, the IRS isn't very fond of debt dodgers. They won't give the usual warnings and go straight to wage garnishment or seizing your assets.

You can't hide forever. You may be thinking that you just won't file your taxes this year and try to continue coasting by under the IRS's radar. Here's the deal, you will get caught! The IRS is merciless in their pursuit and here's what will happen when you get caught. You'll wish the IRS just broke your legs when you owed money.

Don't let the IRS hunt you down. What can you do? If you're already in debt you can try to negotiate with the IRS or get professional tax help to represent you. But the best thing to do if you find you owe money... is to take care of the situation immediately! Even if you don't hear from the IRS contact them or get professional help. You don't want to even think of the alternative.

Now you have the smoking gun... Use it!

I'm Richard Close and I was a "Hitman" for the IRS. I was a second generation revenue officer. I took out anyone who owed the IRS money as my father had before me. Now I help thousands of Americans beat Uncle Sam and save thousands of dollars. Tax problems? Contact me and get free tips and techniques to deal with wage and bank seizures and slash tax debt: email me at or call 888-415-1337. Follow me on Twitter @irs_hitman.