Tax Debt Tales of Woe: Uncle Sam Wants Your Car

When I worked as an IRS-Hitman, I was witness to and involved in some sad cases. I witnessed people see their entire life's work loaded on to trucks in front of them. I have stood in front of grown men, men the same age as my father, with tears streaming down their faces begging me not to seize his assets in front of his children.

An IRS-Hitman is brutal and indiscriminate in his actions. If we came to your house, we had the right to seize everything. The only thing you're entitled to keep is a bed to sleep on and one chair or couch to sit on. Everything else: your TV, dressers, kitchen appliances, jewelry, etc., will be taken to pay your IRS tax debt. IRS-Hitmen are not hired because of their mercy. But what about my car, you ask? As far as we were concerned, there's public transportation.

One of our tricks, I'm told this isn't done anymore, was to call a debtor in to speak with his IRS revenue officer. While he was in the building, we would seize his car from the parking lot! He would come out of the IRS building to find his car gone. We did give him bus fare.

Let me tell you, the IRS is ruthless, but you know this. Here's how ruthless they can be... we would repossess cars that were worth less than the repo and storage costs. The IRS will actually pay more to have the car repo'd than it will sell for at auction. And then we added the fees onto the person's IRS tax debt.

Here's another one, this was a job my father did. A private ambulance service had a tax debt. So my father and his crew put in a call that they needed an ambulance. When the ambulance showed up to "help," they seized it right there.

And of course, I have seized a preacher's car. Right out of the church parking lot during services. And I know it is a cliché, but the car was a very nice Cadillac.

Everything you have is fair game for an IRS-Hitman.

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