IRS Wage Garnishment: Hitting Below the Belt

Here's the Rub: Payday is the day of the week that everyone looks forward to. When someone owes the IRS money that day becomes a day of dread. A wage garnishment is one of the dirtiest tricks in an IRS-Hitman's arsenal and I used it more times than I can count to enforce a collection "action."

It's My Money! I'm sure when you see most of your paycheck disappear, you're angry that the IRS thinks they can take your money. When you owe back taxes, your money becomes Uncle Sam's money, and it was my job to make sure my Uncle's pockets were full.

How could I do that to someone? Especially when I knew that the target couldn't buy their kids new clothes for school, heck the target couldn't even buy their kids school supplies. The IRS only sees a debtor as a target and if I didn't take the "hit" someone else would.

Even if you don't get a paycheck, if you get social security or disability the IRS can garnish that too. In fact the IRS can garnish up to 15% of social security. I would always feel a twinge of guilt taking money from someone on a fixed income.

Save Your Bacon. First of all you, can prevent the wage garnishment from happening. The IRS gives any target ample warning before lining you up in their sights. If it's already too late, look into these options.

Take Action! I can't stress enough how important it is to take action as soon as you know there is money owed to the IRS. The number one reason I had to target someone for a wage garnishment was because they put off doing anything about their debt.

Now you have the smoking gun... Use it!

I'm Richard Close and I was a "Hitman" for the IRS. I was a second generation revenue officer. I took out anyone who owed the IRS money as my father had before me. Now I help thousands of Americans beat Uncle Sam and save thousands of dollars. Tax problems? Contact me and get free tips and techniques to deal with wage and bank seizures and slash tax debt: email me at or call 888-415-1337. Follow me on Twitter @irs_hitman.